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December 14

Top 5 Skin Benefits of Activated Charcoal Soap

When it comes to the wellness of your hands and face, nothing ensures better skincare and protection than activated charcoal soap. The combined cleaning power of natural oils and charcoal provide essential health benefits for any type of skin and may prevent premature aging.

People all over the world have been using natural handmade soap with charcoal for millennia. Long before modern medicine came along, charcoal soap was the leading solution for preventing bacteria, treating skin blemishes, and lightening skin.

Nowadays, you can enjoy the many activated charcoal soap benefits by making it at home or buying it from trusted sources. More on that later. Here are the top five skin advantages you get by using charcoals soap every day:

Charcoal Soap Treats Oily Skin

People with intense oily skin will thoroughly enjoy using charcoal soap. If you are one of them, you know how annoying it is to have greasy hands and facial skin. Fortunately, using this soap every day enables the activated charcoal to remove excessive oil and keep your hands and face smooth and dry.

Activated Charcoal Soap Provides Flawless Skin

Many first time users are skeptical about charcoal activated soap and ask themselves: "Does charcoal soap lighten skin or help me in any way?"

However, after a few weeks of using it, they realize that it provides them with clean and flawless skin. The natural nutrients in the soap help remove dead cells and brighten their appearance.

With Charcoal Soap You Can Reduce Acne

Charcoal is an active ingredient in most acne solutions. By using activated charcoal soap every day, you may see a steady diminishing of acne signs and symptoms. Long-term use should provide you with clean and glowing facial skin.

Reduce Skin Pore Size with Charcoal Soap

The pores in your skin are gateways for bacteria and dirt. You can help reduce their size and increase your protection against disease and infections simply by using activated charcoal soap every day.

The Activated Charcoal in Soap May Delay Aging

The bad news is that aging doesn’t spare anyone, and it first shows its signs on your hands and face.

The good news is that you can use activated charcoal soap to reduce the effects of aging and obtain tighter and firmer skin.

Where to buy charcoal soap?

You can purchase activated charcoal soap in various blends and scents, such as:

Tea Tree & Activated Charcoal

Tea Tree & Activated Charcoal Soap - good for acne-prone skin

Neroli & Activated Charcoal Soap - good for oily skin

Ylang Ylang & Activated Charcoal

Ylang Ylang & Activated Charcoal Soap - great for all skin types

All of these soaps contain a safe blend of natural oils, essential oil, and botanicals that ensure you will not experience any activated charcoal soap side effects

How to make charcoal soap at home?

You can try your hand at homemade soap making to produce naturally activated charcoal soap. We can provide you with all the necessary ingredients, including lye and carrier oils. You will need both hard and soft oils to ensure that the soap doesn’t crumble and lasts for a long time.

Buy activated charcoal soap or make it at home to enjoy cleaner and brighter skin without all the charcoal soap disadvantages like skin irritation or excessive dryness!


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